Cortes do tua wines

A New Generation of Winemakers

Cortes do Tua Wines arises from the intersection between the Tua Valley’s vineyards and the hand of two young winemakers Duarte da Costa and Ana de Almeida.

The passion for wine, the international experience and the wine tradition of the Douro united these two young people in the production of harmonious, balanced and elegant wines.

Douro valley


Douro Valley

The Location

Cortes do Tua vineyards are located on the left bank of the Tua River, in the Douro Superior sub-region, in the heart of the Douro Demarcated Region. Cortes do Tua Winery is located in the Douro Superior sub-region in Pombal de Ansiães, Carrazeda de Ansiães.

Douro Valley

Our Region

Cortes do Tua grapes come from 15 hectares of vineyards in the heart of the Douro Demarcated Region.